Prospective buyers must apply and be approved by G.Spinelli to purchase wholesale.  Buyers must represent retail businesses.  Buyers must be able to provide a valid Resale Tax ID, VAT, BN, OR ABN number for their business.  Buyers may only sell purchased items at the business that is represented on their application; false representation is considered a violation of our policies.

Prospective buyers must be in a different zip code than current accounts.

Prospective buyers must provide credit card information when ordering.  Card will be charged when order is shipped.


Opening order is $300

No reorder minimum


G.Spinelli reserves the right to approve or reject any application and to refuse to sell to anyone, for any reason, at any time


Please direct all inquiries to: 


442 Chimney Rock Drive

Sherwood, AR  72120




07/23/2017 - SW