After a 20 year career in corporate sales, Gina Brockinton left the corporate world to raise her two wonderful children, Blake and Ashlan.  Never losing her passion for sales and creating relationships, Gina started a small business in 2000 inspired by stretch bracelets she was seeing everywhere stacked high on the wrists of the most fashionable ladies in the South.

Gina, along with a few of her creative friends, quickly started selling this unique line of handmade jewelry called G.Spinelli.  Gina has always loved the Italian flare of her maiden name "Spinelli", thus making the hardest part of a business very easy.  Years fly by and Gina has developed great relationships with accounts throughout Arkansas as well as other states.  Her design team increases and she soon creates a vibrant and creative design studio.

G.Spinelli prides itself on creating a workplace that complements busy lifestyles where family and children are just as important as the customers.  There is never a dull moment at the G.Spinelli design studio because jokes are Gina's specialty!

Gina brings a "Win-Win" attitude to the table when building and maintaining her relationships with stores.  We want to design items that not only WE love, but that the STORES will love and their CUSTOMERS love in return!  The G.Spinelli design team is flexible and enjoys feedback from all customers/stores in order to get the best product on the sales floor.

All G.Spinelli items are handmade making them truly one-of-a-kind items that can easily grow into a fabulous personal collection.  We travel to find the most unique antiquities, semi-precious gemstones, chains, and findings for a vibrant and versatile collection each season.

The last 23 years have taught us a lot and we only hope to keep growing, learning and designing jewelry for women of all styles for many more.




Gina Brockinton


Ashlan Jones